Sunday, June 12, 2011


Wife wants to do some remodeling. And son-in-law (the new one) wants to get in good with her. So, he's heading up some remodeling.

The target: the bathroom.

This week has been, after work, stop at Home Depot, stop at Lowe's, stop at Home Depot again, and, of course, a pilgrimage to the Walmart.

Picked out paint and patterns (solid just won't do) for the walls. The flooring -- wood type, color -- was left up to the new son-in-law.

And, after all the trips to the stores, the purchases, the planning, it began in earnest Saturday morning.

Walls were done yesterday. Floors today. And fans are running in the bathroom, trying to air things out so we don't wake up dead from the fumes. I'm not convinced we're going to spend the night here still.

Anyway, later this week, we'll have the toilet put back, and get the new counter top for the vanity.

It'll be just a few more days and it'll all be done. Then, her goal will have been met: have everything in the bathroom match the $10 shower curtain.


  1. Send the boy over to my house. Honey do list is growing. My daughter hasn't attracted any boys with any obvious skills...other than annoying me.

  2. AAAHAHAHAHAHAHA Priceless! Oh I'll get a chuckle out of this one for quite some time. LOLOL

  3. Basil, I own several T-shirts on this one. The last being a 1948 yellow and black tile bathroom, with antique bird figurines, a bird house from Pier I Imports hanging in the corner, a bird wallpaper border around the top of the walls.

  4. Crap! I'm using my netbook, and the comment box got so tiny tht I can't ev en barely see it on the screen. It did it all by itself before I finished my amazgly funny great comment.

    This sucks. I hate Windows 7. And, I hate hate friggin birds.

    Not even sure if this is posting. This sucks. $10 shower curtains suck!

  5. Okay, I went back to the desktop. I can see again. It kinda' posted okay. Kinda.



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