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MST3K: Episode 314 - Mighty Jack

I'm watching all the episodes of Mystery Science Theater 3000 in order. More about this here. It began here.

Episode 314: Mighty Jack

First aired: Comedy Central on 28 September 1991
Availability: iTunes, Amazon (Volume 22), Shout Factory (Volume 22), Best Brains (Volume 22)

It's Might Jack!
I didn't care a lot for the movie in Episode K14: Mighty Jack, but that episode was fun. Pretty much the same movie in this this, the Comedy Central version -- they edited out a couple of small scenes for time -- but, again, the crew rose to the occasion and delivered a fun episode.

It's a silly Japanese movie made up episodes of a silly Japanese TV show. It's called Mighty Jack, which is the name of the organization or the guy in charge or the jet they fly or something. Like I said in the write-up of the KTMA version, I don't think it matters.

Mighty Jack -- the person or the organization or the state of being or something -- is opposed by Q, and not the one from Star Trek. This Q is some evil organization or person or something. So, maybe it is the Q from Star Trek.

Hot Japanese She-Villain
The plot of the movie is that Q kidnaps Harold Atari with a helicopter net and holds him for ransom or something. Mighty Jack, the organization, rescues him, then finds out that Atari is their boss or something. Them, Q has a freeze ray that shoots hot ice or something. Mighty Jack fights and wins, and the head bad guy kills himself or something. The end.

In the KTMA version, the Host Segments had nothing to do with the movie. This time, though, all the Host Segments are movie-related. The Bots do a commercial for Mighty Jack dog food, they trap Joel in a torture chamber with blinding light, which he defeats the same way Harold Atari defeated Q's (he closes his eyes), Joel shows how to do underwater scenes using Cambot and an aquarium, and J&tB sing "Slow the Plot Down" to the tune of "Blow the Man Down." But, the most disturbing, was the Invention Exchange, which featured Dr. Forrester in fishnet stockings. Don't ask. I don't want to talk about it.

He's got legs. He knows how to use them.
This was a fun episode, despite being a really bad movie. How bad was the movie, you ask?

Go ahead. Ask. I'll wait.

Okay, glad you asked. Frank Conniff wrote in The Mystery Science Theater 3000 Amazing Colossal Episode Guide
No one scene leads into another scene. Nothing makes any sense. Watching it, I felt trapped -- like I was imprisoned in some sort of hellish votex.
As bad as this movie was and as painful as watching it over and over was for the writers of MST3K, the end result was a fun episode.

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