Monday, July 9, 2012

MST3K: MST Poopie!

I'm watching all of the Mystery Science Theater 3000 episodes in order. More about that here and here.

Video: MST Poopie!

First released: VHS, Best Brains, 1995
Availability: Best Brains VHS (out of print), Rhino VHS (out of print), Manos: The Hands of Fate (Rhino), MST3K: The Essentials, Tom Servo's All-Time Favorite Host Segments (and MST3000 Poopie!)

The blooper reel.
Yes, I know. This isn't an episode of MST3K. But, this video originally was released between the end of Season Six and the beginning of Season Seven. It was one of two released, actually. We'll cover the other one soon. For now, let's talk about Poopie!

This is the MST3K bloopers tape. And, it's probably the most-released video they've done. Yes, I know: we mentioned that Episode 424: Manos: The Hands of Fate had been released many times. And, it has. Manos has had five releases: Rhino solo VHS, part of a Rhino 3-pack VHS, Rhino solo DVD, part of a Rhino 2-pack/3-pack Essentials DVD, and a Shout! Factory solo DVD release.

Poopie! beats that total. It was released seven times: Best Brains VHS, part of a Best Brains VHS 2-pack, Rhino Solo VHS, part of a Rhino 3-pack VHS, included with the Rhino solo DVD (as a bonus feature with Manos), part of the Rhino 2-pack/3-pack Essentials DVD (as a bonus feature with Manos), and as part of the Best Brains Tom Servo's All-Time Favorite Host Segments DVD.

If you haven't seen the blooper reel, it's not because they haven't made it available.
Interaction with props can lead to trouble.You never know when a prop may attack.
This 31-minute reel of screw-ups, flubs, and general outtakes covers Season Two through Season Six. There are 104 clips, averaging around 17 seconds each. A lot are flubbed lines, there are some puppet malfunctions, and some crew visible when they shouldn't be.

In other words, typical TV show blooper reel stuff.

That's not to say the stuff isn't funny. It is. But, in all honesty, this is pretty much for the fans of the show. Big fans, I should say. Not necessarily casual fans.
Sometimes, the Bots get out of controlSometimes it's the actors that cause problems.
If you've seen all the episodes from Seasons Two through Six, you'll remember most, if not all, of the scenes featured in the blooper tape.

Sometimes, I didn't see what caused the breakup. Sometimes, it's obvious. I suppose the times where it appeared the actor just broke down, it's a culmination of several things over the many hours of filming during a day that caused it.

Of course, when the Bots explode or otherwise fall apart, there's not much you can do about it. Sometimes, they stop and try again. Other times, they just keep going, and the problem makes it into the final cut of the episode.

After all, it's just a show; you should really just relax.

The Poopie! tape is kinda fun. In fact, it's kind of like sex.

That is, it was probably more fun participating than watching.

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