Saturday, November 3, 2007

Driving back from Athens

I mentioned earlier about the ease of the drive to Athens this morning.

The drive back was not quite as easy.

Following the football game, the Little Princess took me out to supper at Weaver D's. If you've been to Athens and haven't eaten at Weaver D's, you've missed some good eatin'.

Anyway, I got in the car and started out around 6:00. Nearly 5 hours later, I sat down on the couch at the house.

Just over 3 hours to get there. Nearly 5 hours to get back.

No, the distance didn't change any. But the flow of traffic did.

Don't know if it was all the folks from Alabama -- the Bulldogs hosted Troy -- heading back all at one time. Or if that's what traffic is normally like following a game in Athens.

But it was rough.

10-15 MPH at spots.

Early day. Late drive back.

But a really nice visit in between.

Made the drive worthwhile.


  1. Lucky you weren't in Athens, Greece, otherwise you'd still be stuck in the traffic.

  2. Isn't Weaver D's known also from "Automatic For The People"?

  3. Yes, that's the place. There are several REM posters and such up in the place.

    And, when I ordered my pork chop meal, he gave his "Automatic" response.


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