Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I voted

Did my part today. Cast ballots for John McCain and Sarah Palin. Of course, I did it right. Wore an Obama'08 pin into the polling place. And they let me vote again. And again. Democracy. Ain't it great!


  1. Alas, come tomorrow, it wont matter...

    I will have a fresh box if you need one...just let me know

  2. Heh - vote early, vote often eh?

    Sadly, it is basically over ... and my vote, and your vote(s) :), weren't enough.

    The next four years should be (cough) interesting!


  3. Got a note from a friend in NC. A friend had told her that her boss's daughter went to vote and found 'she' had already registered and voted in - get this - FOUR DISTRICTS! Don't know if she actually got to cast HER vote or not! I think I smell FRAUD!

  4. Remains to be seen if there were any irregularities which affected the election's outcome? Yeah, we know attempts have been made. We'l wait and see .... (on that one).

    But yeah, we (and the country) are more or less kinda sqoo'd fur da next four years.

    We can no longer count on the simple basic good judgement of all Americans. It was a strange election and cycle. We have learned. We have learned much.

    We'll be back.

    And .... it might just be easier (say, in public), to pretend we voted for Bear-e-o. Rather than suffer any slings and arrows from the foot soldiers of the stuporific Obamanation? [Why bother trying to converse with a brick wall? (It just annoys the grout)].

    We can all hold our heads high (even if feeling a little down). And be proud of our efforts.

  5. I plan on purchasing a handgun on Friday before Dear Leader and Queen Nancy get a chance to make it so difficult to get that people do not bother.

    But, buck up little campers: we survived Carter, we can survice the DeID (Decider In Defeat.) Hold the faith. And, if something gets in your way, turn.


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