Saturday, November 1, 2008

Of course I should have looked in the coffee maker if I wanted to find the corn chips

Saturday morning. November 1st, 2008. 10:24 AM. I've got the munchies. No, not because of THAT. Because, well, I like to munch on snacks. So, I look in the kitchen and find a bag of corn chips. A brand new bag of corn chips. But didn't I buy two bags the other day? Yep. Sure did. So, where's the other bag? Oh, I remember. We got in from work last night and were getting ready to go the the (high school) football game. The Wife asked me to fix her some chili. I had cooked chili the night before -- for a chili cookoff at work (I came in, like, last or something) -- and had lots left over. So, I dipped her out a bowl, nuked it, put the bowl on a plate and gave it ... and a new bag of corn chips ... to her. But that was last night. Did she eat the whole 9-3/4 ounce bag of Fritos? No, of course not. So, at 10:24 this morning, I asked her where the other bag was. She paused, thought for a second, then said "Look in the coffee maker." Well, of course. Corn chips in the coffee maker. I should have known. And, sure enough, there was the rest of the bag of chips. I, um... Well, um... Hmmm... (ahem) I'm, uh, not sure what to say. But at least now I know where she stashes her corn chips. I'm thinking she's got some squirrel in her. Or chipmunk. Maybe just a little. UPDATE: "If you'd made me coffee when you got up this morning, you'd have found the damn chips yourself." Yes, she needs her coffee.

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