Thursday, November 20, 2008

Supporting the auto industry bailout

After much consideration, I am in favor of the auto industry bailout. I don't make this decision lightly. I considered many factors, and have decided that it would be best if the U.S. government bailed out the Big Three auto makers. The thing most people forget is that the U.S. auto industry is more than Ford, GM, and Chrysler. Those are the big auto makers that are headquartered in Michigan. But that's not where all the cars are made. Tennessee, for instance, has GM plants. And Volkswagen is building a plant there. Nissan builds vehicles there, too. And Alabama. Mercedes builds vehicles there. Yes, there are Mercedes built in Alabama. Betcha didn't know that. And Honda vehicles, too. And Toyota. Georgia is getting a new Kia plant. They're hiring, by the way. What all this means is, while things are rough up north, the auto industry in the south is doing well. Or a helluva lot better than Detroit. I live in the south. Born here. Live here. Love it here. And that's why we need to bail out the auto industry. Up north. You see, all those blue states -- the ones with Democrat governors and Democrat Representatives and Democrat Senators and Democrat Legislatures --- have let the Democrats in power screw up their economies while down here in the red states --- the ones with Republican governors and Republican Representatives and Republican Senators and Republican Legislatures -- have had better economies. What I'm worried about is that all those folks that keep electing Democrats that screwed up those northern economies will move down here where the jobs are, register to vote, then elect Democrats to power that'll screw up things down here as bad as it is up north. So, I say bail out the auto industry. We've got enough problems down here in the south without a bunch do damn Democrats moving down here and screwing things up even worse. Bail them out. Or build a fence. Right about the Mason-Dixon line ought to do.

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