Tuesday, January 6, 2009

So, can my crack dealer make change?

Ran into a situation Monday.

It actually began Friday, when I received a $100 bill as part of a transaction.

The C-Note sat in my wallet all weekend. Then, Monday, I went to Hardee's for lunch.

They don't take $100 bills. Fifties either, as it turns out, though I didn't have one those, so...

Anyway, there I was, with legal tender (for all debts, public and private), and I couldn't spend it.

As it turned out, they take credit cards. So, I broke out my Visa card, and paid the bill.

But that $100 bill? Useless. At Hardee's. McDonald's, too. As well as Wendy's. And all the other places a cheapskate like me eats lunch.

So, I can't use it for food.

I'm wondering if I should accuse Hardee's of being racist. I'm not sure why. It just seems the thing to do these days.


  1. Oh man, yes, that is so very, very racist.

  2. Why didn't you tell them Obama would pay for it?

  3. It's hard when our money isn't even any good, isn't it? I think Hardee's owes you a free meal! You had the money and they would not take it. How dare them single you out!!

  4. It's only racist if you use it to buy a Senate seat.

  5. By the way, where have you been Linda??? Haven't you gotten that computer fixed yet?

  6. Maybe not racist, but they're certainly trying to keep you down . . .

  7. I know that many retail outlets do not accept $50 or $100 bills, but I believe that it is illegal to not accept those bills. Legal tender is just that -- legal for all goods and services with the backing of the U.S. Government's full faith and credit.

  8. Heh... yeah, my crack dealer is more than happy to accept c-notes ;-)

    Just kiddin' if there are any Feds out there wonderin' ;-)

  9. [...] Basil is truly hoping for change: It actually began Friday, when I received a $100 bill as part of a transaction. [...]


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