Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Just wondering...

Is it racist to still call it the White House?


  1. How come??? This has nothing to do with it!!!

    Well, The Withe House had others names before the President Tehodore Roosevelt called it so, and I think I was just because the building is simply withe...isn't it???

    Anyways.. If today an african american President live there , that is not a reason to think, that if we still call it "white house" is racist!!! But I found very interesting your question and I am curious what kind of discussion come here later!!! =))) well done!

    By the way... very interesting Blog!!!

  2. "How come?"

    I've been called racist for all kinds of silly reasons, I figured I'd find out now.

    Welcome. You're new here, and I appreciate your visit. There will likely be little discussion here at this little blog: not a high-traffic blog. The same question was posed (by me, of course) over at IMAO. They have some interesting discussion there.


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