Thursday, February 12, 2009

Hand tools

Like a lot of people, I notice things that interest me. And often miss things that don't.

Not that I'm oblivious to things. Not always, anyway. But, if some new interest arrives in my life, I notice that interest in others.

After we bought our Chevy Impala last December, I've noticed lots of Impalas on the road. Prior to that, I didn't notice all the Impalas. But I noticed a lot of Luminas. Of course, that was while we had the Lumina.

Recently, I got a new toy: a Blackberry.

It's my first real smartphone. I've had a PDA, and I've had cell phones. But this is the first smartphone I've had.

And, in the two short days I've had the Blackberry, I've noticed how many others have them.

And just how important they are.

I found that out in the men's room today.

While I'd prefer to not use a public restroom, I do find the need, on occasion. Ballgame, work, mall, restaurant... there are times that I need to use a public restroom.

Today, I went into a men's room, and there, standing at a urinal, was a man with a Blackberry in one hand. I didn't look to see what was in the other hand, but I do assume it was what he should have in his hand.

As much as I'm enjoying the Blackberry, I really don't think that anyone would ever find me standing at a urinal with the Blackberry in my hand.

I like my Blackberry.

But, it's not my favorite tool.

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