Monday, February 9, 2009

The never-ending Obamagasm

During this recent presidential election ... and since ... many of us on the Right have concluded that the mainstream media (MSM) get .. the best word to describe it is "orgasmic" ... over Barack Obama.

An Obamagasm, if you will. One of the most famous examples is the tingly feeling that Chris Matthews gets in his leg by listening to Obama.

Only, unlike an orgasm, this Obamagasm never seems to end.

Then, I read this article on Fox News. It says there are some that suffer from something called Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder (PGAD). A "never-ending orgasm," to quote the title of the article.

To date, there is no explanation for the disorder. While researchers are still trying to figure out what causes PGAD, in "Textbook on Female Sexual Dysfunction," Dr. Irwin Goldstein, the head of the Sexual Health Program at Alvarado Hospital in San Diego, summarized that possible reasons may include one or more of the following:

... Neurological changes like brain anomaly, post-injury or pelvic nerve hypersensitivity;

... Vascular changes, like pelvic congestion;

... Pressure against genital structures;

... Medications, such as the start or discontinuation of anti-depressants;

... Psychological issues.

(Dr. Sandra) Leiblum has added intense masturbation or partner stimulation, emotional stress, anxiety and starting or stopping a hormone regimen as possible causes.

When I read that, it all made sense. The MSM suffer from Persistent Obama Arousal Disorder ... or POAD.

And, for nearly the same reasons:

  • "Brain anomaly" -- in other words, they aren't right in the head.

  • "Pelvic congestion" -- and you can't get more congested than having one's head up one's ass.

  • "Pressure against genital structures" -- which a head up the ass will certainly cause.

  • "Medications" -- and I'll readily believe that many in the MSM are on drugs.

  • "Psychological issues" -- to which I can add nothing; it says it all.

So, let us on the Right have compassion for those in the MSM for getting all orgasmic over Barack Obama.

They're sick.

But, I'm telling you nothing new.

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