Monday, February 9, 2009

Helicopters are racist

The President bumped his head.

Yes, Barack Obama bumped his head as he entered Marine One.

It's news, because it was news when President Gerald Ford bumped his head.

But Gerald Ford bumped his head because he was a doofus.

But, The One can't be a doofus. Therefore, helicopters are racist.


  1. Basil:

    I respectfully submit:

    Helicopters are not racist, inanimate machines.

    The problem was that The One expected the doorway to expand to accomadate.



    Columbus, GA

  2. As a helicopter pilot who spent a couple thousand hours flying them, I can tell you this: They're basically evil. They're like ex-wives; you remember that when you strapped it on you were in love forever, but next thing you know that infernal thing is kicking your butt all over the sky. I don't think Obama bumped his head; I think the door frame lowered itself to hit him. Probably made by a Republican.


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