Thursday, May 6, 2010

Too lazy to blog about being too tired to blog

I've been a lazy blogger lately. But I've also been a tired blogger lately. So much so that I haven't been a blogger at all lately.

Part of the problem is work. I don't blog about work, because it has nothing to do with this blog. Except when I'm tired. And I'm tired. And it's because of work.

Work has been tiring, because it's exhausting. Not physically. I sit behind a desk. Not a lot of physical work involved with answering the telephone, typing on a keyboard, or going from meeting to meeting.

But it can be exhausting. Mentally. And, exhaustion is exhaustion, whether mental or physical.

I've had all kinds of ideas about things, but have been too tired to write about them.

Like the latest New York bomber. I had an idea for a post based on that: he and his cohorts (yes, he has cohorts) would be like the Three Stooges -- named, maybe, Mohammed, Khalid, and Luay instead of Moe, Curly, and Larry -- and the Obama administration would be like the Keystone Kops.

Good start for a blog post, but I'm just too tired to actually think it through and decide if I want to write it as a story, or a video, or a story with pictures or what.

Because I've been too tired to blog.

And, I've been too lazy to blog about being too tired to blog.

Until now.

Now, I've just got to decide if I'm not as lazy as I've been, or if I'm not as tired as I've been.

Maybe after a nap.

1 comment:

  1. Didya mean KSO (Khalid Sheikh Obama)?

    Thought'ya did :-)

    Me, take months off the net at a time (quite easy to do when you don't have any readers).

    And was all ready to put up a new post today, when I realized ... I made one yesterday!

    Snarf to taste.


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