Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Why we blog

FITSNews blogger Will Folks says he's had an "an inappropriate physical relationship" with South Carolina Republican state representative Nikki Haley. What kicks this story up a notch is that Haley is the favorite in the Republican primary for governor of that state, with an 11-point lead in the latest polls.

Haley has denied the claim.

But ... have you seen Haley? She's another one of those hot Republican babes.

Which leads to my point. I'm going to share the real reason that men become bloggers: Hot Republican Babe Sex.

Yes, it's true. At least for conservatives. And, some liberals want Hot Republican Babe Sex, too.

You may be wanting to know how all this works. Well, here's the plan:

  1. Start blog
  2. ?
  3. Hot Republican Babe Sex

I'm still working on that step two. Some people seem to have it figured out, though.


  1. Very funny. Although I think in this case, the ? really might have something to do with underpants.

  2. This only worked for me in the sense that my wife was hot, but fairly apolitical when I married her.

    She started digging right wing politics after I started blogging, so technically blogging led me to hot Republican babe sex.


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