Monday, November 21, 2011

Larry Munson (1922-2011)

Larry Munson died.

[Direct link]

ESPN has his Top Ten calls.


  1. Awwww, yes. The Gent told me this morning. Sad.

  2. Basil, thanks for posting this video. I watched it with pure glee.

    Not being a Georgia homer, I will confess that I'd never heard of Larry Munson. But, when Bobo said early in the video "you'd turn the volume down, and listen to Larry Munson," I had a pretty good idea of what was coming.

    Great footage, too. Man, I remember Butler's 60-yarder (I watched it at the Appliance & TV store along with all the customers that afternoon...we had about 30 TVs all lined up, tuned to it...good times, and good memories), and all the Herschel magic.

    That is one dang fine tribute to what I am sure was a very fine man. Ya' gotta love a guy that loves ball that much.

    Thanks again. Seriously.


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