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MST3K: Episode 618 - High School Big Shot

I'm watching all of the Mystery Science Theater 3000 episodes in order. More about that here and here.

Episode 618: High School Big Shot

First aired: Comedy Central on 20 December 1994

Starring The Late Tom Pittman.
During the end of Joel's term as host of Mystery Science Theater 3000, there were lots of great episodes. The latter part of Season Four was fantastic, and the first half of Season Five was wonderful.

This is not to say that there weren't some great episodes during Mike's tenure, but the top-tier body of work so far doesn't quite match that similar period of Joel's.

Not Mike's fault. That last season of Joel -- the last half of Season Four and the first half of Season Five -- set a standard that would be hard to live up to, regardless of who was hosting.

On the other hand, when MST3K had a stinker, the one's during Joel's last season were worse than the ones in Mike's first season.

The bully's girlfriend saves The Late Tom Pittman.
So, it sort of balances out. Not quite the highs, but neither the lows. A more balanced show, it seems to me.

That's not a bad thing, mind you. Then why did I mention it? Easy. I thought about it. Now, you have something to think about.

But, don't think too hard about the movie High School Big Shot. It might make your brain hurt. And that's without even realizing that the star of the movie, Tom Pittman, died nearly a year before the film was released.

The Late Tom Pittman is a wimpy high school senior who the bullies pick on, but the big bully's girlfriend acts all sweet on The Late Tom Pittman, but she's just trying to get him to write a term paper so she'll graduate, so he does, but the teacher figures it out and fails her and withdraws his scholarship recommendation for The Late Tom Pittman, meaning he won't get into college but will have to get a job and continue to live with his deadbeat alcoholic dad, but The Late Tom Pittman overhears his boss planning a million-dollar drug purchase, so he decides to steal the money with the help of Cyrano Jones from Star Trek, who cracks safes when he isn't selling tribbles, but the girlfriend betrays The Late Tom Pittman to her boyfriend the bully, and everybody gets killed except those that get arrested, but most are killed. Don't do drugs. The end.

The afterlife is preoccupied with bread delivery.
Ever see the Stanley Kubrick movie, The Killing? It's about a wimpy guy whose wife is cheating on him, so he joins a million-dollar heist, but his wife betrays him to her gangster boyfriend, and everybody gets killed, except those that get arrested.

Not that the movies have anything in common. I just thought I'd mention it.

Lots of good riffing in the movie, and a really weird short about angels and devils with a vested interest in a bread delivery man.

Who knew that bread delivery had such an interest in the Next World? But, now you know. So, be thankful to your bread delivery man. If not for him, the afterlife might be concerned with you. And then think of the trouble you'd be in!

Not a great episode, but a very good one. It's a winner.

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