Thursday, June 28, 2012

MST3K: Episode 620 - Danger!! Death Ray

I'm watching all of the Mystery Science Theater 3000 episodes in order. More about that here and here.

Episode 620: Danger!! Death Ray

First aired: Comedy Central on 7 January 1995
Availability: Fan Copy

Two exclamation points means it's really dangerous.
I'm not a big fan of spy movies.

Oh, I've seen all the James Bond movies, but not because I'm a fan of spy movies. I suppose I ought to explain.

I'm not a fan of westerns, but I've seen The Magnificent Seven, Stagecoach, and some of the other classic western films. Some movies extend beyond the genre. Those two westerns are two great examples of that. And, most of the James Bond films are fun films, even though I'm not a fan of spy movies in general.

Okay, I used to watch and enjoy Get Smart, but that was because it was funny and I was young and not because the spy genre is something I really like. Some movies and TV shows are fun to watch because they're entertaining. Being a spy film won't make me want to watch it more. Probably less.

"If Michael Cain and Andre the Giant had a child."
I never saw the movie Danger!! Death Ray before it was a film shown to Mike & the Bots. And, I understand why it was one of the films Dr. Forrester picked to show M&tB. It's bad. Really bad.

And, just like The Magnificent Seven abd Stagecoach extend beyond the category of westerns and are simply great films, Danger!! Death Ray extends beyond its classification as a spy film and firmly establishes itself as a Really Bad Film.

Some scientist build a Death Ray (danger!!) to be used for peaceful purposes only but a bunch of bad guys from KAOS or SPECTRE or somewhere like that kidnap him, so UNCLE or CONTROL or something gets its top agent, Bart Fargo, to put off his vacation and save the world, so he flies to the foreign country of Europe and beds the wife of the head of THRUSH or something, meets an artist check who gets all hot for him, crashes a party and saves the world. The end.
A tub full of spies.Cambot cries.
Not a good film, but lots of good riffing. M&tB seems to loathe the movie as much as I did. If it was shown to me, I'd change the channel, or hope that I'd have a couple of wise-cracking robots and a temp along with me.

Fortunately, I did.

This episode isn't available commercially, and can only be viewed via a fan copy. Maybe one day, it'll be added to the official catalog. Maybe they all will.

One day.

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