Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Boob job

Image: GlobalPost
Word is that in North Korea, smaller is better. At least when it comes to breasts.

Seems that in the DPRK, large-breasted women are an object of shame. Or something. It's kinda hard to figure out. Here's how Google translates it:
One trillion sukhyang Mr. other North Korean women, "In the North, large breasts tightly tucked around. Big Tits in the North was a shame Korea is the belle of the conditions in the sludge was amazing, "he said.
Okay, that's kinda hard to figure out. Here's the same passage of the article, as translated by Bing:
Another hostage takers turned to North Korea's "premature, the chest is freakin' skimming. Big boobs in North Korea was a shameful condition of La Belle in Korea was fabulous, "he said.
You see why it's so hard to figure out.

Anyway, I think this phenomenon needs further study.


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