Thursday, February 14, 2013

The importance of being Earnest. And Pam.

A group of six Georgia legislators have proposed a bill in the State House that would make certain fake images illegal. Like when you take the head of one person and put it on, say, a porn star? That would be a crime under the bill.

The actual wording of House Bill 39 says:
... a person commits defamation when he or she causes an unknowing person wrongfully to be identified as the person in an obscene depiction ...
The bill goes on to describe what "nudity," "obscene depiction," and "sexual conduct" means, in case you didn't know. It also describes all the fun/naughty parts that make nudity, obscene, and sexual actually nudity, obscene, and sexual.

The six Democrats -- you knew the sponsors were all Democrats, right? -- really don't like that kind of humor. Two of them were victims of such prankery, Pam Dickerson* (who introduced a similar bill last year) and Earnest Smith*. The blog Georgia Politics Unfiltered is one of the culprits that prompted such actions. You can search that site for more images, if you want. You don't want. Trust me.

Still, I understand that those that are victims of such actions might not like it. But, a crime? Such thin skin.

Maybe I'd feel differently if I was the victim of such actions. And, no, this is NOT a call to photoshop some image of my head on a porn star's body.

Unless it was Jenna Jameson. I've always wanted to be Jenna Jameson.

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