Sunday, March 1, 2009

How do those jobs that illegal immigrants do look now?

Illegal immigration is a controversial topic. Though it shouldn't be.

I'm in favor of immigration. Heck, my ancestors came to this country ... before it was a country. They were immigrants. Hundreds of years ago, to be sure, but immigrants, nonetheless.

Same for everyone who calls the U.S. home.

But, today? Yes, I'm all in favor of people immigrating to this country. In fact, there's an immigration process. Every civilized nation on earth has an immigration process.

It's illegal immigration that I don't like.

But so many on the left get their panties in a wad if anyone opposes illegal immigration.

They seem to forget that illegal immigration is ... well, illegal. But when did laws matter to them? Unless it's a law to ban guns. They want them laws followed.

Anyway, they say to let the illegals alone. They're doing jobs that Americans don't want.

I don't doubt it.

But, the L.A. Times reports that over 10% of Californians are out of work.

Unemployment in California shot up to its highest level in nearly 26 years in January, leaving more than 1 in 10 workers without a job.

Figures released Friday show that 79,300 jobs were lost in the state last month, bringing the total number of unemployed to 1,863,000, or 10.1% of the workforce. That's the highest since the rate touched 10.4% in 1983.

I've been out of work. But, I didn't sit on my ass. I found work.

I worked temporary construction jobs. I've worked at temp agencies. I've stood in line at the Department of Labor, filling out forms and getting lists of jobs.

I was turned down for some jobs because I was "over-qualified," which means they figured I'd have worked until I found a better job.

Bottom line is, I didn't sit on my ass; I went to work. And I found work.

There's work in California. It might not be pleasant work, but work seldom is.

And, the work might be currently done by an illegal alien.


  1. Same here. I've worked at some odd jobs (temp at AFLAC answering the phone, TSYS taking CC calls), but I was always looking and trying for better. One of those temp jobs was the avenue to where I work now. A lot of people want management job right out the gate, and that's because they are taught not to work for what they have, but hold out their hands for what they want.

  2. Many people immigrate from Mexico; illegally! They hope to achieve better working conditions and to live a better life.On the one hand I can understand their intention but on the other hand; why don't they try to immigrate legally?

  3. People use to say that illegal immigrants need to try to become legal. I guess that these people don't know what it takes to become a legal citizen. The Mexicans wont stand a chance. They first need to find a employer that wants to file for them. Remember every job that is filled by an illegal immigrant was vacant otherwise they wouldn't found it.

    A lot of Americans want to earn a lot of money but don't want to work hard. This attitude openings the door for the illegals to find a job. They work hard, are on time, are serious and don't give the employer a big mouth. The ideal worker isn't it!


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