Sunday, March 22, 2009

I remember when I ran the TiVo remote

This weekend has been a hugh role-reversal for us at the house.

The old stereotype about the guy hogging the remote? Well, pretty much the truth here at the house.

Now, truth be told, we have two TiVo remotes. The one that came with the TiVo, and a second one I bought for The Wife. Different color (lavender) so we could tell them apart.

Still, despite the fact that we both had a remote for the TiVo, I was usually the one that would hit the fast-forward through the commercials. Unless it was a Sonic commercial. I love the Sonic commercials.

Then, "Twilight" came out on DVD.

The Wife ordered it, gosh, like a month or two ago. I don't know when. Other than the day it came available for pre-order.

And, since Amazon ships the day a DVD comes out -- as opposed to, say, Apple, who delivers on the day an item comes out -- "Twilight" won't arrive at the house for several days. The Wife didn't spend anything extra on delivery.

However, to Amazon's credit, they did offer a free discount for a rental. That way, anyone to ordered "Twilight" could watch it the day it came out.

So, she sent me the code, and I punched it in on Amazon Video On Demand. And, sure enough, it showed up as available for download to the TiVo. So, we downloaded it.

After it downloaded, she pressed "play."

So, I got to watch her watch "Twilight" last night. Twice.

And, again today.

Every female she's related to came over ... not all at one time ... and they watched "Twilight."

I still haven't seen the movie. Oh, bits and pieces, to be sure. But, quite honestly, it's not the kind of movie I'd be interested in. I can't get into a movie where the hero looks like he needs a haircut and an ass-kicking.

The Wife, though, has really enjoyed watching "Twilight." And, she's run the remote. She's pressed "pause" when someone asked a question about which "good vampire" or "bad vampire" was which. Or why the girl looked paler than the vampires. And why was this scene in the movie when it wasn't in the book. And who was this guy. And so on.

She ran the remote, and seemed to enjoy it. It was a huge switch from the way things normally are.

She's really enjoyed "Twilight." So, I upgraded. We don't just have the rental (which has now expired), but we have the purchase on the TiVo. That is, it's permanently in our Amazon On Demand library. We can download it again any time we want, and don't have to pay again. She can watch "Twilight" on the TiVo any time she wants.

The DVD hasn't arrived yet. And, I'm sure she'll enjoy the "extras" that make up the second disc. But, to watch it? She doesn't need to put the DVD in the machine. Just find it on the TiVo menu, and press play.

She'll be running the remote.

And loving it.

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  1. Crap, I love our DVR, but with this post you about talked me into getting Tivo too!

    BTW, Twilight won't darken these doors EVER! It's not a girl thing :D


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