Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Obama's secret plan to balance the budget

Those of us on the right have criticized the president for his using of the current financial situation to further his socialist ideology.

Sure, this whole mess began falling apart after the Democrats took over Congress back in 2006.

And the seeds were planted by Dodd, Frank, Clinton and the other Democrats when they pressured banks to make risky loans.

And George Soros is enjoying the crisis.

And, of course, the president is spending your and my money like a drunken sailor.

And no way to pay for it. Except raising our taxes.

Or so those of us on the right thought.

Turns out, though, that it seems that Obama has a large source of income for the treasury.

"What is it?" you ask.

Simple. He's going to have all his cabinet pay their taxes. We ought to be able to bail out all his cronies, pay for everything he's proposing, and still have a budget surplus.

Turns out Obama is a genius after all, huh?


  1. It seems as if Obama should of got a job at the IRS because he has a nose for tax cheats. He would of done his country a bigger service there.

  2. True... Democrats are better people than the rest of us and therefore don't deserve to pay their taxes. Only rich Republicans deserve to pay taxes.

    Unfortunately, the big lie of the Obama plan is that there will be a HUGE tax increase on the poor and middle class in 2010 - it will be called INFLATION!

    LBJ invented the method of using inflation as a de-facto tax increase to pay for the Vietnam War. He printed what he needed. It wasn't until Reagan in the mid-80s that this monster was finally reigned in.

    Obama has a tax increase planned even though he is lying about a middle class tax cut.


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