Tuesday, September 15, 2009


A McClatchy Newspapers report out of Washington says that many people have decided they won't visit South Carolina on account of what Rep. Joe Wilson (R-SC) said:
State and local tourism officials are being flooded by emails and calls from people across the country, saying they won't vacation in South Carolina because they're upset by GOP Rep. Joe Wilson's outburst at President Barack Obama. The officials said that a number of the out-of-state e-mailers have said they've taken beach trips for years in Myrtle Beach, Hilton Head and other South Carolina resort areas, but don't plan to return.
Now, though I take pride in my Georgia roots, my family is actually not from Georgia; they're from South Carolina. They didn't move to Georgia until the late 1790s, 20 years after the Revolutionary War; my ancestors fought against the British as members of the South Carolina militia. So I do have a connection with the Palmetto State. So, I'm going to weigh in on the whole "Boycott South Carolina" thing. I'm going to agree with Michelle Malkin that most of the threats are from those that wouldn't go to South Carolina anyway. I wonder how many are already on record for boycotting South Carolina on account of the "Confederate Flag" (which, if you know your history, was never actually used by the Confederacy -- the design is the Confederate Navy Jack while the colors are from the flag of the Army of Northern Virginia -- nor is it the Stars and Bars). I also wonder how many have actually been to South Carolina -- other than to drive through on their way to haul drugs from Florida. And I wouldn't mind one little bit if Democrats or liberals had nothing whatsoever to do with South Carolina. Or Georgia. Or Alabama. Or Florida. Or Tennessee. Or any of 45 other states. Imagine all the good that could come out of such a boycott.

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