Wednesday, September 2, 2009

DNC-organized grassroots rally

Around the country, many protests against the health care bill in Congress have been held. The Democrats have criticized the protests, calling them "astroturf" -- fake grassroots -- protests. Tuesday, in Columbus, the Democrats staged their own rally, this one in support of the health care bill: [YouTube direct link] The Columbus Tea Party is planning a protest on September 12.


  1. i didn't hear one ounce of bias...seriously. i don't know how you could stand there and watch that though for so long. ew. and the GA accent wasn't bad at all. then again i'm from TN.

  2. You see Basil, thats why you couldn't keep your job. Unbiased news doesn't sell. Most Humans are much more interested in being happy than right. Conservatives want news that presents both sides of the story and then proceeds to prove their side is right. Liberals want to hear their side of the story, and then hear the other side bashed with 3rd grade taunts. Actually, they might just be happy with the taunts.


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