Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Defending Jimmy Carter

Our 39th president made the news again recently. Former president Jimmy Carter, already famous for having an unemployment rate almost as high as Barack Obama's, blamed racism for opposition to Obama. I've met Jimmy Carter. Sure, I've only met him twice, but that's probably more than you've met him. I remember when he was governor of my state. I remember when he was president of my country -- which many of you may not. For what it's worth, I do not think Jimmy Carter was lying. Hold on there, conservatives. Hear me out... I did not say Carter was right. I said he wasn't lying. There's a difference. For instance, if Tweety Bird sees Sylvester and says "I tawt I taw a puddy tat," he'd be wrong. Sylvester isn't a "puddy" ... he's a "tom." Tweety isn't lying; he's simply mistaken. Tweety says "puddy tat" because that's what he knows. And it's the same with Jimmy Carter. He knows racism. His campaign used subtle racist tactics against former governor Carl Sanders in the 1970 gubernatorial race in Georgia. So, I don't think Carter is lying. He's projecting. Politically, there's not a lot of difference between Carter and Obama. Because they are so close on the issues, I believe Carter truly supports Obama's initiatives. And... That means that if Carter opposed Obama, it could only be for one reason: racism. So, he thinks that conservatives oppose Obama because of racism. Like some guy named Frank J. Fleming said, liberals can't imagine any other reason for opposing Obama. One other thing: Obama and Carter aren't completely alike. Obama will stand in front of the United States Congress and lie to America about his health care plan. I really don't think Carter is a liar, though. He's simply wrong. Being wrong doesn't make someone bad. Tweety Bird, for instance, was mistaken about the type of "tat" that Sylverster was. Of course, Tweety Bird is a cartoon. Jimmy Carter is merely cartoonish.

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