Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Obama loves the little children, all the children of the world...

Have you seen the video of the school children being taught to sing a song praising the leader of their country? No, not in North Korea. No, not in Mao's China. No, not in Saddam's Iraq. No, not in Hitler's Germany. But in the United States, in this day and time... [YouTube link] I wish this was a joke. The good news? It is. If you voted for Obama. Because if you voted for Obama, the joke's on you. UPDATE: Fox News and CBS News are on the story. As, now, are overseas news outlets.


  1. I would like a copy of this video, the copies on youtube are being deleted left and right. Is there a way you can upload it to a site such as rapidshare or megauploads

  2. If your profile wasn't hidden, I could have contacted you to discussed how to get you a copy.


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