Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Thoughts for 2009-09-15

  • So, will TBS be running Road House, Ghost and Dirty Dancing all weekend? #
  • So, a jackass called a jackass a jackass? Just so I'm clear on what happened. http://bit.ly/9ebJc #
  • Hell has officially frozen over: Obama and I did the same thing: http://bit.ly/tb9Qq and http://bit.ly/sgcDR I stand by it, though. #
  • SEALs got one! http://bit.ly/E2wwH #
  • The good news is: The last time an economy was this bad, people threw the Democrats out and elected Ronald Reagan #tcot #
  • If we could get liberals to boycott Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Tennessee, and 46 other states, things would get a lot better. #
  • Congress: Thou shalt not call a liar a liar if that liar be president http://bit.ly/iNtnY #
  • Will the House of Representatives rebuke Obama for calling Kanye West a jackass? #tcot #

1 comment:

  1. Yes, TBS shall be running those very movies this weekend, just like EVERY. OTHER. WEEKEND.

    I think that I have seen Roadhouse five hundred times.


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