Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Did you get everything you wanted?

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Remember the scene from "A Christmas Story," after all the opening of the presents, where the Old Man and Ralphie's Mom are sitting on the couch with Ralphie between them while Randy is passed out amid the trash next to the Frankenstein's Monster mask with the zeppelin under his arm?

The Old Man asks Ralphie "Did you get everything you wanted?" Turns out Ralphie didn't. After all, for the previous 1:19:47, Ralphie has been scheming to get an official Red Ryder carbine-action, two hundred shot Range Model air rifle. And there wasn't one.

Only, the Old Man pointed out to Ralphie that there was one other thing behind the desk, which turned out to be that very gift.

Well, I didn't get what I wanted for Christmas. We have the same old president. And no one has pointed out a brand new president boxed up behind the desk.

How about you? Did you get what you wanted? Or were you disappointed by not getting that one special thing?


  1. I got a pair of socks from my wife (which I wanted).

    I got another Twist-A-Light from a young man that lived with us for several years (not one of our sons). I didn't really want it, but it was bitchin' that he thought of me.

    I got a 3 CD Collection of unreleased Hank Williams music. I didn't really want it...actually, I had a 10 CD Collectors Edition of Hank Sr. (with those unreleased recordings as part of it) that I gave away to a real Hank Williams fan last summer. But, it came from one of my sons, so I shall listen to every track on every single CD in the collection.

    I got a nice check from Mom & Dad. Yeah...I wanted that.

    But, the thing I really wanted, I got. #3 son is deploying to Afghanistan on Dec. 29 (his 22nd birthday). He got 3 days leave, and flew in from El Paso on Sunday.

    How did those little boys get to be grown men so fast? Anyway...I got to spend a good bit of time with him. He's so damn grown up... complaints, Basil. None whatsoever!

  2. Sorry...his 23rd birthday...they names, and they ages all kindly runz together....

  3. I understand perfectly well. He's 22, and has a birthday coming up.

    Sounds like you had a great Christmas.


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