Thursday, January 24, 2008

DHL Hell

My Big Sister (who's 5'4'') got a package from today.

No, that's not big news. Lots of folks get packages from

What's big news is that she actually got it. Because she finally got it. Two day express shipping only took three days from the date of shipment.

Here's what happened. At least, as best as we can figure it out.

An order of three CDs. Beatles CDs, of course. She likes the Beatles, too.

Anyway, records show that the order was placed on January 19, with "Two-Day Shipping."

Now, I know, and my Big Sister knows, that "Two-Day Shipping" means that the order will arrive two days after it's shipped, and not two days after it's ordered.

Apparently, DHL doesn't know that's what "Two-Day Shipping" means.

You see, the order was placed on the 19th ... and shipped on the 21st.

DHL picked it up at 3:22 PM, on January 21:
3:22 pm - Picked Up by DHL.
At 10:06 PM, it was "Processed at DHL Location" at "Allentown Hub, PA."
10:06 pm - In transit. - Allentown Hub, PA
10:06 pm - Processed at DHL Location. - Allentown Hub, PA
About 5 hours later, it left there:
2:58 am - Depart Facility - Allentown Hub, PA
Then, it got to Atlanta. And all DHL broke loose.
9:12 pm - Depart Facility - Atlanta Hub, GA
9:18 pm - Processed at DHL Location. - Atlanta Hub, GA
Yes, that shows it left Atlanta ... before it was processed at Atlanta.

And, eight hours later, it left again. That processing must have included a meal, a spa treatment, and relaxation exercises.

And, maybe a trip to Underground Atlanta to see the sites. Maybe a Thrashers game. I don't know what all.

Anyway, on January 23, the day it was supposed to arrive at my Big Sister's house (in southeast Georgia, 175 miles from the DHL Atlanta Hub), it left Atlanta:
5:20 am - Depart Facility - Atlanta Hub, GA
Where did it go?

Why, Huntsville, Alabama, of course. Which is a 415 mile drive for the DHL truck.

Yeah, it went to the wrong place.

And DHL figured it out about an hour after it got to Huntsville:
7:41 am - Arrived at DHL facility. - Huntsville, AL
8:47 am - Shipment arrived at incorrect facility. Sent to correct destination. - Huntsville, AL
Then, it hit the Huntsville Hell portion of the trip.
4:46 pm - In transit. - Huntsville, AL
4:47 pm - Processed at DHL Location. - Huntsville, AL
9:08 pm - Depart Facility - Huntsville, AL
11:50 pm - Transit through DHL facility - Atlanta Hub, GA
Yep, after discovering at 8:47 AM that it didn't belong in Huntsville, they sent it to ... Huntsville. Then processed it again. Then a few hours later, sent it back to Atlanta.

Now, remember, this was due at her front door no later than 5:00 PM on January 23.

On January 24, it left Atlanta. Again. This time, for Savannah.
1:05 am - Depart Facility - Atlanta Hub, GA
9:08 am - With delivery courier. - Savannah, GA
The DHL place in Savannah is 87.2 miles from her house, by highway.

Yes, it took DHL 27 hours and 48 minutes to move it to a place 87.8 miles closer to her house.

And, finally, it arrived at her house.
10:59 am - Shipment delivered. - Savannah, GA
She wasn't actually there to sign for it. They left it in her garage, and scurried off.

I don't blame them. I would not want to have to face my Big Sister, explaining why I didn't know my Huntsville from my Savannah.

Update: By the way, my Big Sister (who's 5'4'') called me tonight to let me know that, although DHL emailed her to tell her they delivered the CDs ... by leaving the box in the garage ... there's no box there. She still doesn't have her package from

Oh, this might get ugly.

Update II: The CDs have been found. Or one of them has.

The empty box was found in her back yard. One of the CDs was found in the front yard. The other two are missing.

And now you know why I don't like dogs coming into my yard. 'Cause if I ever caught a dog tearing up my shipment from ... or from anyone ... I'd kill the damn thing.

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  1. Dear Basil,

    Helluva story, going through a similiar situation with DHL right now. Shipped out a Mother's Day gift last Wednesday for two day delivery - to arrive no later than Friday, May 9th by 5:00 pm. It was never delivered and has been at the Allentown, PA hub since the 8th with no further updates. I have been calling everyday. II keep asking if they lost it, they keep assuring me that it is not. Honey, there is a Coach Bag out there they they will be paying me good money for if it is not found. I should have gone with the good old U.S.P.S. The package that I sent with U.S.P.S. priority arrived just fine.


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