Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Why don't somebody just step on them?

There are plenty of folks that just want to get attention.

Some cry "racism" every chance they get.

Some stage protests every chance they get.

Some start blogs...

We won't talk about that third group. :)

And, I really don't plan to talk about that first group. But you know who that group is.

It's that middle group.

Westboro Baptist Church in this specific instance.

They're all the time protesting. And blaming all the evils of the world on homosexuality. I guess they figure that God punishes by proxy.

One of their Websites is Visit the site at your own risk.

They'll protest a funeral at the drop of a hat. They've been protesting funerals of soldiers, celebrating the deaths of our fighting men and women ... because there are homosexuals in America. Go figure.

Well, they're going to protest the funeral of Heath Ledger. Not because he was homosexual. But because he played one on TV. Or in the movies.

I never saw Brokeback Mountain. Didn't see lots of movies that year. Didn't want to.

And now Heath Ledger is dead. And all the crazies come out.

Some didn't like the post I wrote about how screwed up our priorities are that his death was big news.

And now, that bunch of idiots of Westboro Baptist Church are feeding off our misplaced priorities by using media coverage of Ledger's death to promote themselves.


Oh, one other thing. Couple, actually. They call themselves "Westboro Baptist Church."

Them calling themselves a "church" implies Christianity.

Well, I'm a Christian. And I don't appreciate them associating themselves with the teachings of Jesus.

And the "Baptist" part bothers me, too.

I'm Baptist. Southern Baptist, in particular.

And I don't appreciate them clowns calling themselves "Baptist," either.

I really think they need to change their name.

And I got the perfect name for them. And they don't even need to change their initials: WBC.

Their new name?

What a Bunch of Cockroaches.

Fits, don't it?

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