Monday, January 14, 2008


Got a new car back in December. I like the new Chevrolet. It's what I wanted in a car. So, we got it.

It's the first car I've had with a CD player built-in. So, that tells you about the level of importance ... or lack of importance ... I put on the music system in a car. I mean, after all, it's just a car.

Oh, sure, I've upgraded car stereos ... or added where one didn't exist ... in the past. Lots of times, in fact. But this one came with CD, AM, FM ... and XM.

Now, I've looked at XM in the past. Decided against it. I mean, after all, it's just radio, right? I get John Boy and Billy in the morning on Columbus' Rock 103. And, since they play songs by folks like Linkin Park, Pantera, Foo Fighters, Papa Roach ... well, you get the idea. Not my kinda music. Sure, some Pink Floyd or Aerosmith, too, but too much of that other crap for me to listen regular.

Boomer 95.3 is more my taste in music. So, as far as I was concerned, I was set in regards to car radio. And having a CD player was a bonus.

Of course, I have an iPod that I got in August. Been adding songs to it along and along. Got over 1000 now.

And, a few months ago, I got one of those FM adapters for the iPod. You know, the kind that sits in the cup-holder and plays the iPod through the radio. Like a Mr. Microphone. (Remember? "Hey, good looking! I'll be back to pick you up later!")

I know, not the best way to listen to songs, but at least I could play my iPod in the car when I wanted to.

But, darn it, the new Chevrolet -- it replaced an older Chevrolet -- had the cupholders in a bad spot for the iPod-radio thingy.

But, it does have an aux input.

But, there's no convenient place to put the iPod where I can glance at it or hit the "next" button without taking my eyes off the road for too long a period of time.

So, what to do?

Well, I decided to try that "XM" button. I mean, we got three months free, so why not?
I've discovered "60s on 6," "70s on 7," "The Heart" (23), "Deep Tracks" (40), "Top Tracks" (46), "Big Tracks" (49), "Soul Street" (60), and others.

Lots of songs I like.

The other day, I was in the car with The Wife, listening to XM. And they played a song I liked. And had on the iPod.

"You know," I told her, "if I had the iPod hooked up, I could be listening to this very song right now."

She gave me the look I expected.

It became a running joke. Every time XM played something I had on the iPod, I'd say, "If I had the iPod hooked up, I could be listening to this very song right now."

And I said it a lot.

I'd still be looking at ways to mount the iPod without cutting a bunch of holes in the dash. But I'd still be hearing songs on XM that I had on my iPod.

So, now I'm trying to decide if I want to spend the money for a different hookup for the new car so I can play the iPod. Or if I want to pay $12.95 a month for XM.

I'm leaning towards paying the $12.95/month.

That way, in addition to hearing the same songs that are on my iPod, I'll also hear other songs I forgot about, and can go buy them from iTunes to put on my iPod.

After all, spending money to find other ways to spend money is the American Way.


  1. Found The Boneyard yet? -- and there is an all Led Zepplin station too :) That's on the hubby's XM receiver. Mine has Fox News, POTOS08, Fox Talk ... you get the point.

  2. "The Boneyard"? No, haven't stumbled across that one yet, but I'm now on the lookout.

    Oh, yeah, The Wife found some of the news channels you mentioned. They've been "preset," too.

    And she also found some music channels of her taste: "Willie's Place," "Bluegrass Junction," and others like that.

    I've got the feeling I'm gonna like XM more and more.

  3. Not to feed your obvious audiophile thing too much, Basil, but you can listen to every single Major League game of every team, and you can listen on the web all day long, too. All for 12.95 a month. I scoff at your whimpy little i-pod. HA!

    Welcome to the enlightened people group. It is awesome. Bean gave it to me for Christmas 2006, that is why I keep hanging around with her.

  4. I got a XM equiped 2004 Acura in December 2006. It had the three month thing when I bought it. I got a year subscription due to planned summer travel about six weeks into my 3 months. I now wear out 80's on 8, Christian contemporary on 32, jazz and blues on 72, 152 - humorous talk, Fox News, BBC News, Lucy, Boneyard, Ethel, The Attic, 26, and 29. During college football season I use the SEC, ACC and PAC 10 stations. I am not a Baseball fan, but my baseball friends love the live MLB coverage during baseball season.

    I use a FM transmitter which plugs into the AC adapter that transmits on 88.1 with a 2 GB jump drive to cover the MP3 / Ipod thing. It works for me.


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