Monday, January 28, 2008

Run for the border ... before I catch them

The Wife and I went to Taco Bell today. Haven't been there in a while. There's one close to where we often get gas. For the car. That wasn't a food joke. I was filling up the car, and she decided to go on inside and order lunch. When I was finished ... another $45 dollars spent keeping the House of Saud in power ... I pulled around and went inside. The Wife was still in line, but was at the front of the line by then. And still undecided on what to order. Cheesy Gordita CrunchLooking at all the fancy pictures of menu items ... the specials ... we decided to try the "Cheese Gordita Crunch". It looked good. The picture, I mean. Look at it. Packed with meat. Topped with lettuce. Cheese running out the side. It looked delicious. So, we ordered that. Cheesy Gordita CrunchWhat we got was a tablespoon of beef, some soggy lettuce, and a little bit of cheese hidden deep in the bowels of the flatbread. Sure, I know, the food you order never looks exactly like the pictures of the food on the posters. But, seriously! I figured it'd at least be close. Yeah, it tasted okay. Taco Bell always tastes okay. I wouldn't eat there every day, but I'll admit I like the food. It tasted fine. Just the difference between the poster and the real food that left a bad taste in my mouth.


  1. Waddya expect? Gorditas are Communist Tacos! Let's go eat one now!

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