Saturday, October 4, 2008

Why I'm glad I got a car with On*Star

This week, in Columbus, a couple was car-jacked. Okay, I realize this goes on it big cities all the time. Or, at least, that's the impression I get. But when it happens in Columbus, Georgia, it's news. The bad news is: an elderly couple, 82-year-old Henry White and 79-year-old Betty White, was forced out of their car at gunpoint, and their car taken. The good news: It had On*Star. Yep, a bunch of thugs ... teenage punks ... stole a car from an old couple. But technology got them.
When the two teens sped out of sight, Henry White ran to his friend's front door and started pounding. He first called 911 first then OnStar, an auto safety and security system available in GM vehicles. Within minutes, OnStar had determined the location and direction of travel of the stolen car
Heh. Bunch of ill-raised, bone-headed thugs stole a car with On*Star. And On*Star found them. And, according to the report, the police found all three of the criminals. Now, this shows that On*Star won't stop your car from being stolen. But they can help you find it. I wouldn't want my car stolen. It's not a Cadillac, like Mr. White's car, but it's still my car. But, if someone does take my car, it's nice to know that On*Star can help me find it. If only On*Star service included sending somebody down to beat the little punks with a 2x4. Then, the service would really rock.

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