Sunday, October 26, 2008

Redistribution of wealth

This whole "spread the wealth around" thing from Barack Obama is not new.

Naked Emperor News uncovered a gem of an audio interview from 2001. WBEZ-FM interviewed Illinois state senator Barack Obama, where he talked about redistribution of wealth (hat tip: Stop The ACLU:

Scary stuff.


  1. Can anyone (ANYONE!) explain to me how a Republican is against redistribution of wealth as a role of government? Republicans do NOT favor a flat tax (I just checked their website). ANY taxation where you pay more than the person sitting next to you, regardless of how much you make, IS a redistribution of wealth. Both the Dems and Repubs support the massive redistribution of wealth!

    The flat tax I mentioned before would be a first step away from wealth redistribution. But, even a flat tax (such as a 20% income tax) IS a redistribution of wealth. A person making $400K would pay $80K while a person making $100K would pay $20K.

    So, unless YOU support everyone in America (regardless of their income) paying the same exact amount YOU support wealth redistribution. C'mon, you know you love it. Americans LOVE wealth redistribution.

  2. Whether I (or you) like or not the thought of paying tax based upon my income, it's legal, according to the Constitution.

    What I oppose ... and what is socialism ... is taking that money from me and giving it to someone else. There is a fine line between money and services. But I'm not opposed to taking my tax money to "provide for the common defense." After all, that's in the Constitution.

    But taking money from me and giving it to someone else is a redistribution of wealth. And this American does NOT love it.


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