Thursday, October 28, 2010

Chick Magnet Squared

I've had a chickMagnet for some time. It's an iPad, of course.

But now, I got another. I got a Droid X.

It's all cool and stuff. Yeah, when you're my age, the screen is sort of hard to see, but it was hard to see on the BlackBerry, too. And the Droid has a bigger screen.

I'm still learning what all it has on it and what all it does. I'll be a while.

Talk amongst yourselves.


  1. google sky for droid. Rocks. Sucked because it doesn't come for iPhone.

  2. Basil, I've been waiting ALL DAY for Paul Mitchell to comment. Evidently he's busy playing with his Droid.

    But, I made a promise, and it MUST be kept. So...

    No comment!

  3. Maybe he's been busy trying to keep it charged. The Droid is a battery suck!


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