Saturday, October 9, 2010

If my guy is in the middle of the pack, am I still a conservative?

John Hawkins at Right Wing News posted results from a poll, asking for the candidates that conservative bloggers would be most likely to support.

I was a participant.

Yes, I know. Who knew that I was a conservative blogger? Conservative, sure. But a blogger? That's a stretch. At least, it'd be as stretch to consider me a serious blogger. Or a blogger whose opinion anyone would care about.

Still, I participated. And the results are here.

Who did I vote for? Haley Barbour.

Why? Well, the poll didn't ask that. But, Barbour is a conservative with experience and a successful track record. A longer track record than many of the others on the list.

My guy made the middle of the pack. Which means he's not the flavor of the day. Like Jindal. Or Palin. Or Christie.

I could vote for those. But, in all honesty, they don't have a long a track record as Barbour. And they aren't all as conservative as I'd like. Well, Palin might be, but Jindal or Christie aren't as far right as I'd like.

If Barbour ends up being the GOP nominee, I'd be thrilled. But, based on that poll, I'd be one of only a few. If one of the others end up being the GOP nominee, I could support them. At least, much more than whoever the Democrats end up nominating.


  1. Basil, once again I got left out of the poll. But, I'm still honored to be able to comment on the big time conservative blogs anyway.

    I could go for Christie. You know how I feel about Campaign Bobby...

    My real favorite on the list is Mike Pence. I've been watching him for a long, long time. But, it would be darn near impossible to be elected President from The House. To assemble the organization would be Herculean.

    I'm searching my memory bank, and the only House member I can remember becoming President was Ford...and we know the strange route he took to the Oval Office.

    But, in a nation that elects a one year Senator, who never did anything, to run the show...well...maybe the right combination of style, and substance can overcome that huge hurdle for Pence.

    Barbour's problem will be style & appearance. He's solid in my book, and I'd vote for him in a minute. But the gen-pop doesn't think straight. Christie might have the same problem. Though eloquent, the girth is hard for many to look past. It's just true...people are stupid.

    Still not sold on Palin, but if she got the nomination, I'd be her biggest fan.

  2. I would jump at the chance to vote for Haley, he is one of us and has proven it for years. But, I got a bromance with Chris Christie's style right now.

  3. I'm afraid, very afraid, to go look at any right wing blogs at this point and time. ::sigh::

  4. LOL NO! I just feel so powerless right now. I reckon I DO need to start back on the circuit then, so I can feel empowered and get back into it.

  5. Haley is pretty solid (both physically and philosophically), which is better than Christie. Yes, I know Christie has many fanboys out there in conservative blogdom, but that's because he's a fiscal con in a time that is ripe for fiscal cons. I'm not so sure about his stance on other issues (I've heard some murmurings about his position on the Second Amendment, and I don't think I like it).

    Barbour, on the other hand, is a man among boys when it come to leadership. He should be better known, but alas, such is not the case.

    If only he'd quit this crap about eminent domain. I don't see eye to eye with him at all on that issue.

  6. Boogie, Haley is better than 80% our friend, though. Probably closer to about 98%.

  7. I've got no doubt that Haley would be a fine President. I just wonder if in this day and age, a square-looking (man, did I just date myself, or what?), plain spoken guy could win.

    Then again, Pence is, who knows?

    One thing I know is that whoever the Republicans put up to run against ObozO will have smaller ears than him. Even if they run their mascot.

  8. Goodness, that ear comment was funny.

  9. You're welcome. Hey, when is Basil gonna drop word verification?


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