Thursday, October 28, 2010

No viruses exist for the Mac. Unless it's a virus that targets the Mac.

One of the things that lots of people who own Macs (yes, there are people with Macs) like to say is that there are no viruses for the Mac.

And they actually believe that.

What brings this up? There is another virus for the Mac out there.

Intego (who makes Mac antivirus software) says that there's a Facebook/MySpace/Twitter virus designed to attach OS X (tip: AppleInsider):
This threat is a Mac OS X version of the Koobface worm, which is served as part of a multi-platform attack via a malicious Java applet. The malware itself is made up of a number of elements, though in order to simplify, we will use the term “Trojan horse” to describe it. (Technically, it propagates as a worm, is installed via a Trojan Horse, and installs a rootkit, backdoor, command and control, and other elements.)
What does this mean?

Well, like I've been saying for some time, the way to stop getting viruses isn't to get a Mac. There are lots of other reasons to get a Mac. I got a Mac. But, I also got Windows.

If you don't want to get a virus, you need to practice smart computing. Run a good antivirus software package, and don't do stupid stuff. Like clicking on videos trying to look at boobies. There are plenty of boobies around that you can find without looking for a video.

Oh, and if someone says you should get a Mac because there aren't any viruses for the Mac, slap them. Hard. And often. Because they don't know what they're talking about and probably voted for Barack Obama.

Get a Mac for a better reason: it rocks. Or don't get a Mac. Run Windows.

Or do both. I do.


  1. I laugh every time that a MacApple fanboy tells me that they cannot get a virus.

    Here's a photo of the typical MacApple user.

  2. The local Apple dealer will tell users that. I'm waiting for them to get hit. I'd hate it for them when it happens. I'll just shake my head and say, yeah, that's what I was trying to say. Then shake my head some more.

  3. They can't see you shaking your head, Basil, their head is in the sand.


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