Friday, December 3, 2010

My Windows 7 iPad

So, I was surfing the 'Net with Internet Explorer on my Windows 7 iPad ...

What's that?

Yes, a Windows 7 iPad.

Well, no, not an iPad running on Windows 7. But an iPad running Windows 7.

Let me show you a screen shot, so you'll believe me.


Yes, that's an actual screen shot from my iPad. With my surfing the 'Net with Internet Explorer. And, yes, it looks like Windows 7 because it is Windows 7. And here's a photo of the iPad, running Windows 7:


Actually, it's an app that allows the iPad to operate as a terminal for a virtual machine I'm running on my MacBook. I'm running Parallels 6 on the Mac, running an instance of Windows 7.

So, in reality, it's my Mac that's running Windows 7 in a virtual machine. And my iPad is a terminal of that virtual machine.

What would it take for you to do that the same way I did it?

MacBook Pro (maxed out): $3,336

Parallels 6: $79.99

Windows 7 Ultimate: $319.99

iPad 64GB 3G: $829

Doing it because I can: Priceless.


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