Monday, December 6, 2010

What is this "professional football" that people talk about?

Somebody mentioned something about "professional football" the other day. I simply though they were talking about Auburn and Cam Newton. But, no. As it turns out, there is an organization that consists of grown men playing football on Sunday afternoons.

Who knew?

It's almost like real football, like they play on college campuses on Saturdays. Or Fridays, if you have a small college, or high school.

But, this group of people are something called the "Eneffell." I think that's how it's pronounced, anyway. Like the letters "N," "F," and "L" all rolled together.

I'm not sure. The thought of grown men getting together and playing a kids game? It seems to me it would attract all kinds of riff-raff. Like potheads, murderers, rapists, Chris Rock look-alikes, and other irreputable types.

I prefer the real football. College football.

The players still get paid. Or their dads do. Or their dad's churches do.

But, they only hang around for four years, then move on to selling drugs or knocking over liquor stores. Or becoming potheads, murderers, rapists, or Chris Rock look-alikes.

The college game even has playoffs and a championship. For three levels. And could have one for a fourth, if someone would just come up with a good plan.

Anyway, this "Eneffell?" I don't think it'll last.

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