Thursday, December 23, 2010

On the last day of Christmas shopping...

Yesterday was the last day of Christmas shopping.

Oh, sure, the stores are still open today and people are out shopping and such, but I'm not. Because I finished up yesterday. It was the last day of Christmas shopping.

Of course, there have been a few times that I thought I was finished. Three times prior to yesterday.

It wasn't fun, though. Traffic was, well, like everyone was out Christmas shopping. Bad.

Got caught by a train once. That's never fun. It's even worse when the roads are packed, as they were yesterday. That's when people do stupid stuff. Well, more stupid stuff. Or maybe it's the same ratio of stupid stuff, just more people out there so more stupid stuff happens.

Like this old lady who was next to me. In the wrong turn lane. Actually, it wasn't a turn lane. Not for traffic going in our direction. She was actually in the oncoming traffic lane, with her left-turn signal on. There was no oncoming traffic, because it was caught by the train, too, just on the other side of the train.

Anyway, this old lady wasn't happy. I say that because she was fussing at ... the air. She was gesturing and just a running her mouth and was in her car all alone.

I shook my head and said, aloud, "How sad." Then I realized what I had just done. Because I was talking out loud while I was in my car all alone.

But, she wasn't the only person on the road that didn't need to be on the road. In fact, Christmas shoppers are horrible drivers. Police should have pulled everyone who was out driving over and given them a ticket. Including me.

I had thought that I had finished up my shopping before the day began. That's when Wife told me something she wanted for Christmas. A couple of things, actually. Only, I had already gathered and purchased what she wanted. Except for this one thing she mentioned that I don't remember her ever mentioning before. That meant I wasn't done.

Now, to be honest, I had to pick up an item from the mall. I had purchased an ornament from Things Remembered and left it to be engraved. I had planned to pick it up that day anyway, so I knew I had to go to town. But, now I had two stops to make.

I made my first stop, got the thing she wanted -- plus something else that she probably doesn't want -- then headed to the mall and Things Remembered.

When I got to Things Remembered, they were packed. Then, when they got to me, they couldn't find the thing I bought. Then they didn't have another one. But, the lady said to give them an hour and they'd have me fixed up. So, I was not done shopping.

An hour to kill in the mall. What to do?

I figured I could run into Spencer's Gifts. After all, you can't have too many fur-lined handcuffs or pecker whistles!

Nah. Victoria's Secret? Well, Wife says their bras care comfortable. I assume she means some of their bras, because I don't think some of them are built for, well, doing what bras do. But, she says they're really good bras, but won't go buy them herself, because they cost like $50.

Now, personally, I think that anything that makes the boobies happy is worth $50. Happy boobies are good things. Okay, boobies are good things, but happy boobies are better things.

Anyway, I'm not sure what all I bought or how much I spent but it was probably too much.

After an hour, and a severe drain on the wallet, I made my way back to Things Remembered, and they had the ornament ready. That was the last thing I needed in the mall, so I headed for the exit. You know, the mall should replace all the signs that say "Exit" with signs that say "The Hell Outta Here" because that describes it better.

Still, I'm happy that I finally finished my Christmas shopping.

Except for one thing...

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