Tuesday, May 24, 2011

2012 campaign slogans

The campaign for the White House is underway. Or hadn't you noticed? No? Trust me, it's started.

You'll be hearing all the campaign slogans from all the campaigns soon. If they can come up with some.

I've thrown in with the campaign of fellow Georgian Herman Cain, because he's the most conservative of the candidates. Not a fan of that whole "Fair Tax" thing, but as for common principles, his most align with mine.

But the Cain campaign doesn't really have a slogan. Not that I can tell, anyway. You got a bunch of the "woo-hoo" crowd telling out things like "Yes we Cain!" during the pauses in the candidate's speeches, but not a lot more than that.

No "Change we can believe in" or "Hope and change" or any of those greatest hits from 2008.

Perhaps a candidate can win by actually taking good positions and spelling out a plan, but really, this is the nation that elected Barack Obama. Those kind of short attention span people are going to need something clever to get or keep their attention long enough to mark their ballots.

And that's where you come in.

Help come up with some slogans for the candidates. I'll start:

Herman Cain
He delivers!

Doesn't understand "right of return" or any of the rest of the nonsense the Palestinians are spouting off about.

Ron Paul
Not as crazy as Harold Camping, but close!

Chris Christie
Not really a conservative, but not really running for president, either.

Sarah Palin
Go ahead. Nominate me. That'll piss 'em off, you betcha!

Barack Obama
Not done embarrassing America yet!

Okay, these are lame. I'm sure you can do much better. Have at it.

UPDATE: IMAO readers had some suggestions.

1 comment:

  1. Basil, yours are not so lame. However, some of the comments at IMAO are extremely so.

    But, since I've got nothing better, I won't throw rocks.

    Herman Cain - REAL slave blood, and not goin' back!

    Ron Paul - High on America

    Chris Christie - I'll eat Obama's lunch!

    Sarah Palin - I've got great gams.

    Obama - Vote for me in 2008! Basil, did I read that Obama really signed the guest book at Buckingham Palace, and dated his signature 2008?

    Okay, mine win the El Lameo award. Send me my prize.


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