Monday, May 9, 2011

Getting a new bumper sticker, a follow-up

A little over a year ago, I decided to get a new bumper sticker for the car.

My older bumper sticker was ... well ... in need of replacing.

Okay, it was a window sticker. And it was way out-of-date.

And sort of lame, as I mentioned at the time:
Now, yes, I know, it's pretty lame to keep a bumper (or window) sticker up after the election. And I'm lame for still having it up.

But, I want to let people know this: I did not vote for Barack Obama.

Leaving the McCain sticker on was a way of saying that. But, it's still lame to have an election sticker after the election. Particularly 540 days after the election.
Well, it's now 916 days since the election, and I finally took the McCain sticker down.

I got a lot of suggestions, both at my little blog and at IMAO.

While some of them were excellent suggestions, I waited.

Well, the wait is over. I now have my new sticker.

It's actually a bumper sticker. But, being me, I put it on the window.

And, since it's sticker supporting Herman Cain, I expect I'll be called a racist, too.

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