Friday, November 15, 2013

Gaying up football

I'm a football fan. Real football. Not that kickball they play over in Europe, Brazil, or some other God-forsaken place.

American football.

Now, don't get me wrong. That futball stuff they do in other, lesser places, can be fun. It's great for keeping a bunch of 5-year olds entertained while the dads hit on the single moms. Plus, when one gets kicked during all that running around and kicking, and the kid gets back up and knocks the bejeezus out of the kid that kicked him, you know he's now ready for real football.

But, some people like both kinds. Or say they do. That's like me saying I like my iPad and my Etch-A-Sketch. (Full disclosure: I have the Etch-A-Sketch app for my iPad.)

They're not the same thing. But, they say they like 'em both, and I'm not gonna call them liars. So, now what? Well, they've redesigned all the NFL team logos to look like futball logos.


Here's the logo for the Falcons (nearest team to me):

Here's the logo for the Jaguars (next-closest team, and closest to my home town):

That just doesn't say "football" to me.

Of course, I'm not really a fan of NFL football. I prefer the college game.

Unless they put my Georgia Bulldogs in those silly Power Ranger uniforms again.

I'd rather watch soccer.


  1. Does the "FC" on those logos stands for "Football Club"?

    I haven't been paying attention -- when did U.S. football teams become clubs?

  2. Hence, the title, "Gaying up football."

  3. The badges are kind of queer.

  4. Definitely European in their feel. With Fascist undertones. Pop a swastika in that Falcon's claws and it's on to Poland!

  5. I didn't mean to appear excessively dim... I thought the main quibble of the article was with the design, not the text, of the logos.

    I know it must be extremely frustrating when someone restates a point you made in your humor.

  6. Oppo:
    It's the whole concept. Look. Text. Idea. All of it is gaying up football. Gay2.

    The truth is, I probably shouldn't have responded. You were simply pointing out one of the aspects of the whole thing. That was valid.

  7. Football in our country has a 'pc' problem in that it is a 'contact' sport.

  8. The Texans and Patriots are almost identical. Most of them are okay, if we were Europe, which thank God we are not. You see the uniformity of design, as opposed to the radical individualism among real NFL logos. That's America, baby.

    I like the Jets logo, and the Jets are kind begin with, so they could go with that. But the Giants (America's Real Team!) logo sucks.

  9. Green Bay's is perfect, since all the letters look drunk.

  10. @6 Nah, I enjoyed the whole exchange. You guys are fun to read. :)

  11. Huh. I neither care for football, futball, soccer, or kickball, and I have an exceedingly dim view of college sports. And even I think those logos are hideous.

    Keep 'em away from the NHL.

  12. How 'bout them Florida Gaydars?

  13. I’d rather watch soccer.

    Wow, those are some tough words. I'm not sure if it's possible for them to make football so gay that I'd rather watch soccer.

    If I had the choice to get kicked in the nuts with a soccer ball or watch a soccer match for 2 hours, I'd take the shot to the nuts.

  14. if you are going to object to the gaying of football, you simply can NOT give the oregon ducks a pass:


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