Friday, November 1, 2013


It seems like everyone is impacted by Obamacare. Frank and Sarah lost the plan they had. My 2nd ex- lost her coverage. My rates have increased.

You hear these horror stories all the time.

But, something has to balance out, right? If one thing goes up, something else comes down. Which means that someone must be benefitting from Obamacare.

CNN found out who. Sex workers.


Seems that Hollywood types are the only thing whoring themselves out for Obamacare.

Even so, the plans would still be more expensive. But, for some reason, they qualify for subsidies, meaning it does cost them less.

Who pays for the subsidy? Taxpayers.

So, next time you see a sex worker, go ahead and ask for your piece of the pie. So to speak.


  1. If you like your chakra, you can keep it.

    This subsidy was just another Fluke in the law.

    (I'm actually beginning to feel a little sorry for her!)

  2. ObamaCare: Giving people another incentive not report income.

  3. wife and I lost ours too - not only that, but we couldn't get new coverage because my wife was pregnant. Also, my current "employer" hired me through an I.T. staffing company so that they wouldn't have to deal with healthcare coverage....AND IT'S A HEALTHCARE PROVIDER!!!

    Also, the staffing company that they contract to has an exemption so they don't have to provide anything either. We're not elligible for subsidies so for us to buy a health plan that had similar coverage to what we used to have (which Obama calls a "gold" plan), we'd be paying $1000 a month (my wife's premiums are much higher than mine because she's at that age were she might *GASP* reproduce)...and that's just for the plan if we never use it. There's a $3000 per person deductible so assuming we actually USE the healthcare system we're paying to access we'd be out around $18000 a year for our plan.

    Am I the only one that sees this as an $18000 a year TAX INCREASE for my "affordable" healthcare I used to pay about $100 a month for? If Obamacare is a tax, than this is a tax increase...and a pretty significant one. In fact it effectively moves us from the 28% Federal tax bracket to a 43% Federal tax bracket when you include all the money that the Federal government either takes or forces me to spend.


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