Monday, April 14, 2014

Now whatever will I do with my time?

Here's a little peek behind the scenes at both the Website and at me.

You may not realize this, but most of the posts here are written ahead of time and scheduled to appear at a certain time. I don't log in, write up a little gem of wisdom (or whatever) and sit, watching the second hand on the clock approach the 12, waiting to press Publish. And, there's no limit to how far ahead I can write and schedule a post. That can sometimes cause little oddities or necessitate edits. Such as...

Well, here's where we get to the peek at me on a personal level. I binge-watch TV. Or, to sound like I'm not addicted, I hold TV marathons, sometimes lasting days. Or weeks.

Okay, maybe that's an exaggeration. Maybe. You see, I've been posting my watching of the classic Doctor Who episodes on Sundays. One week per season. And, here's the thing: I'm done. Finished. Watched 'em all. All 26 seasons. That means the last season's wrap up is written and scheduled for 22 June. It also means I had to edit an entry after one of the recurring characters died recently, since she was also known outside the Doctor Who universe. Kate O'Mara played The Rani, as well as many other roles over the years.

Now, with that behind us, that brings me up to my question.

Whatever will I do with my time?

I sat down last night, turned on the TV, and had nothing to watch. An empty Hulu queue. Nothing unwatched in iTunes. Nothing in my Amazon library. No unwatched DVDs.

I'm not saying I need to watch TV. I'd read a book, but Amazon says Frank's new book (which I've pre-ordered) won't deliver until November. I don't know what to do. For the first time in months, there's not a bunch of Doctor Who episodes awaiting me watching them

What should I do with all this free time?


  1. Get writing that NBC sitcom.

  2. Someone needs another mediocre sci-fi TV series.

    Battlestar Galactica (original)

    Buck Rogers

    Logan's Run

    Planet of the Apes

  3. There is always The Adventures of Fung Ho.

  4. Binge watch Full House. Or if that's not dumb enough for you, go make fun of my stoopid Web site.

  5. Perhaps it's too late for you. Perhaps you've become...a Vidiot! (Done in 1957 but still very appropriate.)

  6. so my car remains unwashed?

    how about marathons of:

    "Veronica Mars" (who goes to Neptune High and drives a Saturn).

    "Lie to Me" no, it isn't about Eric Holder or the Obama adminstration.


    "The Misfits of Science"

    "Knight Rider"

    "Manimal" this may be more of a sprint than a marathon. only eight episodes were made.

  7. Red Dwarf. British, sci-fi, comedy, cheezy... what more can you ask?

  8. Police Squad! if you haven't seen all episodes.

    If you're looking to tackle something with many, many episodes -- something binge-worthy:

    There is a fascinating Stephen Fry panel / trivia / humor show called "QI" (short for "Quite Interesting," reverse of "IQ") that is addictive. Start with any episode that begins with the letter "A" and work your way through the rest alphabetically. Never fails to amuse and educate.

  9. Trim your nose hairs.

  10. What about watching the new Dr Who?

    One thing I've been meaning to do is go on YouTube and watch unaired pilots.

  11. slapout:
    I did watch the 695 pilot episodes to the 2005 series.

  12. Comrade Chairman ObamaApril 14, 2014 at 10:20 AM

    Join your local militia in anticipation for the next time out-of-state militias are needed to defend against an overreaching Federal Agency. Good Times!

  13. or join an overreaching Federal Agency and see how the other half lives

  14. Comrade Chairman ObamaApril 14, 2014 at 10:30 AM

    - Play's "World of Tanks" - yahoo!
    - Learn to speak Spanish, Arabic and Jive
    - Read all of Tom Clancy's books (Jack Ryan universe, that is)
    - Get hooked on "Call of Duty: World at War" Nazi Zombies, then figure out how to make custom maps and mods with the codtools package, and then teach me how to do it.

  15. Write more for IMAO. Oh, wait. Does Frank have to pay you? He's a cheap skate.

  16. I'll second the 'Red Dwarf' nomination... In lieu of a phone book, they have a garbage scow.

  17. how about Hyperspace or Blake's 7. After Dr. Who the handful of seasons will be mere child's play. You can probably knock the whole thing out in an afternoon without so much as a pee break.

  18. ...or you can always binge-watch a soap opera....from the very beginning. 5 hours a week x several decades...that'll keep you busy. Perhaps not entertained, but busy.

  19. I know - watch The Blues Brothers and count how many car crashes are in it.

    The internet doesn't have a definitive answer to that one, yet.

  20. Try the 9 seasons of the British Sci/Fi Comedy Red Dwarf.

  21. "What should I do with all this free time?"

    Take over the world, Pinky!

  22. Watch all the Twilight Zone episodes (available as a DVD set) and then start a new SciFi subscription series at IMAO called the...

    (You have to make up the name. This is a good idea in lieu of "podcasts.")

  23. 1.



  24. Over the last few months, I finished the entire runs of Frasier and Malcolm in the Middle.

    The jokes of the former make more sense now, and you gain a whole new appreciation for the latter if you watched it as a kid and didn't care for it.

  25. Well Basil, I believe you can take solace in the fact that if you have become a Vidiot, judging by the majority of the above posts, you are far from being the only one 'round here.

  26. If nothing else you could do the research needed ( small time invested ) to prove the necessity of prosecuting hairy reed, his son , the Chinese company and obama for the fiasco in navada . At least you could use it as a joke line and have J. Garfield or whoever try to defend it.

  27. You could read the entire Terry Pratchett Disc-world series.
    Or watch the Lord of the Rings Special Edition DVD set with the endless hours of 'extra material'.

  28. If you like the classics, you might see if "Space: 1999" is available. I always thought that had pretty cool looking spaceships, and it was the first time I can remember hearing about nuking the moon.

  29. Farscape, earth 2, Eureka

  30. Start an Imao podcast.


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