Sunday, September 14, 2008

The "Elite" Media strikes again

Once again, the south doesn't get any respect. The University of Georgia fell in the college football polls again. And here's the problem. First, I'll admit I'm a Bulldog fan. While I don't attend their games regularly, I'm a typical UGA fan, I suppose. I've been to a handful of UGA games. Having said that, I ask any serious football fan to explain to me how a team can open the season ranked number one, win three straight, and wind up number three? "Unimpressive wins," is what I've heard. Well, if impressive wins meant a lot, why didn't Georgia play for the national championship last season? That's an excuse, not a reason. Here's the reason: teams from the south don't get the respect they're due. All the Ohio State, Southern California, Oklahoma and such fans will say how great their teams are. And I won't argue their point; they are football fans who are proud of their teams. But, I wonder if any of those teams opened at number one, then won their first three, would end up number three? I suspect not. Of course, like in politics, it's not the polls now that matter; it's the last one. Unfortunately for college football, each poll builds on the other. Which means that if Southern California, Oklahoma, and Georgia all run the table, the Bulldogs would likely be left out of the national championship game. Of course, the fact that half the top 10 (AP) are SEC teams (4 of 10 in the Coaches Poll), might help the Bulldogs. It didn't this week; they beat USC, an SEC team, and fell from number two to number three. This is why we need a playoff. And why we won't get one? Because the SEC would run the table. One or two individual teams in various conferences are pretty good. But top to bottom, the SEC owns college football. And should own the top of the polls.

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  1. I like Oklahoma and for them to vault UGA with a win over a PAC-10 school is criminal, that includes USC. In my opinion in order to move up by beating a Big Ten (11) or a PAC-10 team, you must have beaten them by minimally 100 points. Judging by quality of opponent, USC should never been in the Top-25 by simply playing the schedule that they do. Mark my word, Virginia is going to be the only quality win they have this year. VIRGINIA. ESPN touting that game yesterday as "The Game of the Year!" proves that they have no clue what in the Hell they are talking about. Strength of USC's schedule is number 31, which will probably be around 80 by the end of the year, you know since the PAC-10 had three teams ranked from the jump, UGA's is number 3 and will probably be about the same at the end of the year.

    The BCS should seriously be the Big 12 Champ against the SEC Champ. 'Nuff said?

    Oh, and the thing that is driving me crazy is how awesome SMU is doing this year since they hired ESPN's Coach of the Year, June Jones. SMU's one win came over Texas State and just barely. Dammit, I hate everyone at ESPN.


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