Thursday, September 18, 2008

Talk Like A Pirate Day

Yes, once again, it's September 19: Talk Like A Pirate Day.

Excuse me, I mean to say ...

Arrr, yes, once again, 'tis Septembree 19: Talk Like A Shipmate Tide.

All tide, talk like a buccanneer.

Nay, really. Do 't. I`ll do 't.

Arrr. I won`t. I`ve got somewhere t' be today that I really canna do that. Really.

But ye can.

An' do.

An' here`s an encouragement fer ye:

All th' comments, TrackAfts, an' Pingafts t' this post -- provided they be comments in, or links t' posts written in, th' spirit o' Talk Like A Shipmate Tide -- will go into a drawin' fer ... a Shipmate Movie.

I be thinkin' one o' th' Shipmates O' Th' Caribbean movies. But, if yer comment/TrackAft/Pingaft be drawn, an' if ye already be havin' all o' them, ye can pick another buccanneer move (about buccanneers or has "Shipmate" ... or "Pirate" ... in th' title) from

So, leave yer buccanneer comment, or a link (TrackAft, Pingaft) t' yer post about buccanneers or about Talk Like A Shipmate Tide, an' enter t' win.

Only entries dated September 19, 2008, will be entered. Must be 13 or over to enter. Unless your laws say otherwise. Kids, get your parents permission. Batteries not included. Some assembly required. Member FDIC. Vote for John McCain and get double entries! Void in the Delta Quadrant, on Cardassia Prime, or where prohibited by law, custom, or big guys named "Ned." No purchase necessary. Spam not included. I'm Basil, and I approved this message.

UPDATE: We have a winner.


  1. As a matter of fact, yes. Yes, you do.

    Look for an email.

    And thanks for actually reading the post, and figuring out what it said!

  2. [...] Go over to Basil’s and see if you can decipher what I won. [...]


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