Sunday, August 16, 2009

Surrender monkeys surrender. Or did they?

Remember that whole government-run health care bill? You should. It's been in all the papers. And on all the blogs. And on the Twitter and the Facespace and all the other Interwebz. Remember how important it was that it be done now? "Why the rush?" we on the right asked. "Trust us," the left said. "BS!" we on the right said. Well, conservatives stood firm. Most of them. Those that haven't, well, I'm not too sure they're conservatives, anyway. Might be Republicans, but that don't mean conservative. Now, according to news reports, the White House seems to have backed down. "Seems to," is the key phrase. It's too early to tell if they have surrendered, or if they're just going to find another "Gang of 14" and ram it through anyway. On the one hand, Democrats are cheese-eating surrender monkeys: On the other hand, Democrats are also sneaky little weasels. And "moderate" Republicans will "go along to get along," and be taken advantage of. That's why the motto of the moderate wing of the Republican Party is "Thank You Sir May I Have Another." Remember how, in Iraq, some of Saddam's soldiers would fake surrender, then pull out weapons and shoot our soldiers? That's because they had no honor. And neither do Democrats. So, we shouldn't let up just yet. Government-run health care isn't dead until it's shot, stabbed, beaten, burned, with the ashes mixed in goat blood and fed to Ted Kennedy and John Dingell, and the whole thing videoed and posted on YouTube. Even then, I don't trust the Democrats. Or moderate Republicans. They'll just write another bill that's as bad. Or worse. Or nearly as bad. The thing is, they won't write a good bill. Any bill that's too long to sit through an oral reading is a bad bill. The thing people are forgetting is that 10% of health care expenses are criminal fraud. And unintentional errors accounts for more waste. Until that's fixed, increasing government spending on health care will increase the amount of money lost to fraud. Of course, when you have a government run by Chicago crooks, they don't see fraud as a problem, but as an opportunity to line their pockets. The good news is, these types won't stand up to an honest fight. They'll fight dirty, but can't stand honest debate. As long as the fight is honest, the right (moral and political) will win. And the surrender monkeys? They'll just sit and yell and fling poo. Like always.

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