Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Thoughts for 2009-08-04

  • Busy weekend. Busy week. So why not go to Six Flags instead? #

  • Got a Flash Pass for 6. Not as crowded today, so probably a waste of money. #SixFlags #

  • You meet the most interesting people in line. If by "interesting" you mean "scary crazy" #SixFlags #

  • A handful of game tokens is a very nice, polite way to say "leave me the hell alone." #SixFlags #

  • Okay, the lines have really picked up. Flash Pass was a good idea. #SixFlags #

  • Six Flags can't get a sign right. Folks paying for Flash Pass are being skipped. The hire the incompetent program works http://sml.vg/CjlkoH #

  • Now the Scream Machine is stuck. With family on board. #SixFlags http://sml.vg/PDPPl6 #

  • Now, to find the sign that reads "The Hell Outta Dodge." #SixFlags #

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