Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Thoughts for 2009-08-11

  • Brooks and Dunn are breaking up? http://is.gd/2bIN0 Has anybody asked Hillary what Bill thinks about it? #

  • It's no coincidence that the symbol of the Democrat party is a jackass #

  • Wanna-be redneck. A real redneck woulda used duct tape, not shipping tape. http://sml.vg/kKZv9e #

  • Congressman who shouted down constituent finds swastika painted on office sign http://bit.ly/2SWzlN #

  • When Obama promised transparency, maybe he meant we'd be able to see right through his lies. #tcot #

  • How long would it take to key the health care bill in to the teleprompter so Obama can read it? #tcot #

  • If there were any more plants at an Obama event, it would look like that Outer Limits episode http://bit.ly/NekXp #

  • The Dow was down today. Was the president on TV or something? #tcot #

  • POTUS falsely claims AARP supports Obamacare http://bit.ly/miHqU Figured they wouldn't remember #tcot #

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